Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Idea!!

So I have been thinking lately. I have decided that I am going to turn this blog into a bit of a memorabilia page. Each post will be a reflection on a funny story or a certain time in my life that I don't want to forget and that I want everyone else to learn about and remember! So here it goes! I hope everyone enjoys!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I really. Really. Really. Really. Really. Really miss the Wii. I miss playing games for hours at a time. I miss these two the most...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things (At the Moment)

I go through these phases of being ABSOLUTELY obsessed with something for weeks or months at a time. Some things last longer and some shorter but here are a few of my obsessions at the moment. In random order of course. :)

I know I know, Handy Manny? It's adorable and it's always on when I'm walking on the Tred Mill. I like it! What can I say?

Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Leaf

Well. Now that Interpersonal Communication is over, my blog will no longer be taken over by school assignments. Only personal stuff now, so be prepared! :) So let's start from the end of last semester.

First of all, let me just say that I got ALL A'S AND A MINUSES!!!! I was so so so excited. It was a really stressful semester. But I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I had a class called Natural Disasters. I learned a ton in that class. I am constantly talking about earth quakes and volcanoes and correctinig things on TV that are incorrect. For example, while was at Tyler's house in Boise we played a lot of Wii Mario Party. There is a mini game called "Lava or Leave 'em." In the beginning of the game it shows this big volcano and then this red hot lava flowing down the sides. So I went into this detailed explanation about how that volcano is completely incorrect and a large volcano like that would not behave that way and so on and so on. Tyler just laughed and said "Ok sophie, I believe you." Or something to that effect.

Along with that Natural Disasters class, I took a Personality Psychology class (among many others.) This class was a little shocking. I was a Psychology major. This class made me lose faith in Psychology. I just don't really believe in it anymore. This class made me see how selfish the practice of therapy is. Basically you sit in a room and talk about yourself. What good does that do? Wouldn't it be better if instead of talking about yourself you got outside of yourself and served others? Anyway so now I'm really confused and I think I want to change my major. I'm taking a floral design class right now and I love it. I'm thinking of changing my major to University Studies which would mean I would have two minors and a cluster. So I would do Psychology and Horticulture (Floral Design emphasis) for my minors since I am already done with Psychology and then a dance cluster. I only have about a year and a half left though. I don't know what to do. But I'm going on a mission after this semester. So we will see when I get back!!

Ok, now for the fun part. From April 9th to April 20th I stayed at Tyler's house in Boise! I had so so so much fun. While I was there is Tyler's mom's birthday and Tyler's birthday. We had so much fun and did so many fun things. We went out to eat and went to movies. He even took me to the Last Song! I loved it. We went to Macoroni Grill (which is one of my favorite restaurants.) We went to the Discovery Center and had a picnic in the park. We explored downtown and went shopping and went to the Record Exchange. We rented movies and went for walks and went to family dinner both the Sundays I was there. I love going to his family dinners. We eat delicious food and play fun games. (I killed at Mad Gab. No one was having fun because I was getting like every single one.) We got my hair cut and played rockband and Mario Kart and Mario Party. For Tyler's birthday I took him to Outback Steakhouse and then we went and saw Clash of the Titans in 3D the Saturday before his birthday because on his actual birthday we were having a big family get together. Then we came home and opened presents. It was so much fun. It was hard to leave after being there for twelve days and having an absolute wonderful time. His family was so so sweet and accomadating. Seriously, they were so wonderful. They were welcoming and just so, so great. And Lexi (14) gave up her room to me the entire time. I can't even believe how selfless she was! Anyway. Here are some pictures from the trip. I'm waiting for TJ to post or send me the rest. But here are some for now. Sorry this was so long but I had a lot to catch up on!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines... FINALLY!

This weekend I went to visit my boyfriend Tyler and stayed with his family for about six days. I had an absolute blast. Since it was Valentines day he had all of these wonderful things planned. (Now, the reason I'm talking about this is because it had to do a lot with communication so bear with me. Also, I just had so much fun I have to share it!)I have never had a boyfriend on Valentines day. I am a very affectionate person and it turn I want a lot of affection. So, needless to say I have been waiting 20 long years for a valentine. I told Tyler this. I didn't want to just assume that he was going to do something marvelous and then find out that Valentines wasn't that important to him, and then I would be all disappointed and mad and he wouldn't understand why. So I told him straight up how important it was to me and how I want him to know that and blah di blah di blah. He kept saying "Just trust me Sophie, I promise you won't be disappointed." So I went to boise on the 11th. He helped me bring my stuff up into my room, and what do you know, there is a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers sitting on the desk with a little not saying how glad he is that I'm there and how much he loves me. So, that was a great way to start things off! (I have ALWAYS wanted to receive flowers from a boy, I know I'm really weird and silly, but it's just how I am.)Then we had a blast Thursday and Friday he took me out to eat and we hung out and joked and laughed. Then on Saturday we went for our morning walk/jog and hung out, went to lunch, etc and then he told me to get dressed up in a dress because he had a surprise for me. He didn't tell me where we were going but we finally got to the location and he was taking me to the Trey McIntire Project which is this amazing dance company. Wow. (I do ballet and absolutely love dance... He on the other hand not so much, so it was super selfless of him to spend all that money for it and not even really enjoy it)So that was absolutely wonderful, and then afterwards, he took me to Olive Garden. Which I had been craving for quite some time. We then went home and went to bed and the next day was valentines day. We went to church and did the regular sunday stuff and then he went upstairs for a half hour or so and then came down and got me and told me to close my eyes and brought me upstair. He took me into the dining room where he had set up this cute little candle lit meal with spaghetti and sparkling grape juice just for the two of us. It was SOOOO cute! So then later that night we exchanged gifts and he got me a bunch of red candy and a super cute valentines card. I had spent hours making him this cute, sentimental slide show with pictures of us and captions set to our song, and then I got him a few other things. But let me just say, Valentines was PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. I don't knwo what he would have done if I hadn't told him that it was important to me, but it doesn't matter. I'm glad I did and I'm glad he listened. Because it was absolutely perfect.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Buddy and Grizz

Since we are talking about emotions I think this is relevent. I MISS MY PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously you have no idea what I would give to see my dog buddy and shake his hand (that's his favorite trick he does it just about every second) and to snuggle with my stubborn cat Grizzabella. I never knew what a great avenue of emotional release our pets are. We form bonds with them. Buddy lays with me while I cry and listens to me talk and sing to him (My favorite is "Love some BUDDY, Yes I do, Love some BUDDY, how 'bout you?")I guess, in a way, having a dog who follows you around non stop is a bit like keeping a journal in the sense that you're able to express your emotions. (Everyone that reads this is probably going to think I'm a total nut job for talking to my dog.) But he is the sweetest most caring and loving dog I have ever met. AND I MISS HIM! So there, that's how I'm feeling today. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Reality of Junior High

In class today we were talking all about how much outside feedback can contribute to the way we feel about ourselves. Sister Embree made the comment about how important the role of parents is. During my childhood my parents were EXTREMELY positive. They were of the mentality of "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." Unless of course we had done something wrong and needed to learn why we should or should not do something. But all growing up we were not allowed to tease our siblings, my parents were constantly giving us all really positive feedback so I had this like killer self-esteem. I thought I was pretty great. Then I reached Junior High. It seemed as if the world was out to get me. Everyone made fun of EVERYTHING I did or said. I had never been around this so I thought that I was this awful, horrible, worthless person. I didn't realize that they were making fun of everyone else to, they just were used to it so it didn't bother them. I feel like I went into Junior High and I made what my peers were saying be more important than what my family had been telling me all my life. I wish I hadn't. I wish I had just trusted my parents.